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Vertu Velkomin & Welcome to ISLANDFREUND. In Iceland, the land of volcanoes, elves and horses, nature lovers, romantics and adventurous alike will get their money's worth. But Iceland is not only a holiday destination, but a real passion, an attitude to life. Once you have spellbound the barren island in the north, you can hardly get away from it. In order to bridge the waiting period until the next trip to Iceland, you will find a large selection of Iceland sweaters and other typical knitwear and accessories in our Iceland online shop, some of which are handmade and lovingly put together by us.


Women's Fashion

In a hand-knitted Iceland sweater you will defenitely not shiver in next winter.

Our women's fashion impresses with first-class workmanship, individuality and characteristic look, in which the unique round yoke in the neck and shoulder area is usually the focus. The subtle color scheme and a variety of patterns can hats, wool sweaters and cardigans quickly become favorite items in your wardrobe. A fashionable poncho completes every outfit. With our Iceland sweaters you have the choice between different cuts - from the classic sweater to the Troyer with front zipper.





Men's Fashion

Whether sporty troyer, practical cardigan or classic wool sweater - there's nothing left to be desired.

If you like to be out in the winter and do not let wind and weather keep you away from outdoor activities, you should not miss out on the appropriate clothing. Our warm and functional Icelandic sweaters are the perfect companion for all Icelandic friends and nature lovers. The processed wool from the Iceland sheep provides a comfortable fit, keeps you warm and protects you from the cold wind. Their distinctive design makes the Lopapeysa by ISLANDFREUND real eye-catchers.



Isländische Wolldecken

Icelandic wool blankets

Our wool blankets in various designs and sizes are pleasantly warm and absolutely trendy.

Children's blankets warm the little ones in the buggy on a winter walk and in the afternoon the whole family can snuggle up on the couch in a large woolen blanket. Whether subtly mottled, with cute puffins or in the look of the Icelandic flag: with a wool blanket from our shop, cold feet are a thing of the past. Enjoy a glass of Brennivín or Flóki on the sofa in the evening and dream of hot spots and dancing northern lights.


Reitzubehör für Isländer

Riding accessories & horse tack for Icelandic horses

The little horses are extremely robust and versatile.

And although they are actually considered ponies due to their size, Icelanders insist that their workhorses are horses. Icelandic horses are ideal as mounts, because their sturdy build means that adults can ride them without any problems. The sensitive, social and consistently friendly horses are popular with young and old. That's why you will find some accessories for your four-legged friend in our Iceland online shop and of course numerous products in which the popular gaited horses play the main role.


Wollm�tzen aus Island

Wool hats from Iceland

Warm hats for young and old

Whether in autumn, winter or in spring: wool hats made from Icelandic wool are always a good idea. And thanks to the large selection of hand-knitted and machine-knitted models, there is something for everyone. The specialty of Icelandic wool is its two different fibers. The long outer fibers are shiny, long and repel water, the inner ones are soft and provide excellent insulation against the cold. These positive properties make the Iceland hats an indispensable companion in everyday life and outdoors.



Strickwaren mit Papageientaucher-Motiv


The little puffins - also known as lundi - you just have to love!

With their cute faces, these alken birds not only populate some cliffs in Iceland and the North Atlantic, but also our Icelandic headbands, woolen hats, woolen blankets, scarves and wrist warmers. Of course, our knitwear is made exclusively from Icelandic wool in Iceland and is therefore a real original.



Icelandic Horses

Did you know that there are around 78,000 Icelandic horses in Iceland?

But the weather-hard Icelanders do not only play an important role on the wind-blown island: You can also discover them on our original Icelandic knitwear made of Lopi wool. Here you will find our wool sweaters, wool hats, blankets and mittens with the typical Tölter motif.



Handknit Icelandic Sweaters

Here you get the real Íslensk Lopapeysa (in English: Icelandic wool sweater).

The Íslensk Lopapeysa - or Lopapeysa for short - has been a legally protected product name with designation of origin since 2020. The Íslensk Lopapeysa is hand-knitted in Iceland, consists of Icelandic wool from Iceland sheep, must not have any seams and must have a circular knitted pattern ("round yoke") between the neck and shoulders.


Iceland: Welcome to the land of sheep, horses and elves

Classic Icelandic sweaters (so-called Lopapeysa), trendy wool sweaters in hoodie style and other Icelandic wool products.

The clocks are different in Iceland. In summer you will find days when the sun does not go down. In winter, on the other hand, the days last only a few hours, the sun can only be guessed at on the horizon. The whole country seems to slow down in comparison to the hectic everyday life at home, the paths are further, because you can't just drive across the country, but always have to go outside. Holidaymakers are also often amazed at the peculiarities of the Icelanders, which may make them seem a little out of the world but at the same time make them incredibly likeable. Where else do road works focus on the needs and areas of life of elves? In some streets, it seems as if individual house numbers have been forgotten - "in reality, the supposedly missing house hides an elf dwelling. Even as a tourist, you can hardly get around the myths about magical beings.

An excursion into a world of extremes

The same applies to the breathtaking nature - you don't have to look for it in Iceland, it's just there. The real ICELAND FRIEND enjoys the bright rainbow over the Gullfoss as well as the northern lights over the glaciers of Eyjafjallajkull, the volcano that made the small country famous worldwide thanks to its ash cloud. The famous Icelandic horses cannot be missed either, because they are everywhere, and many visitors make their wish come true to explore the island on the back of such a horse. Since the weather in Iceland is unpredictable, suitable clothing is a must! From one minute to the next you are in the thickest snowstorm and only a few minutes later the sun is shining in the sky again.

Iceland's traditional clothing in the online shop of

Icelanders have always protected themselves with the traditional Icelandic sweater, also known as Lopapeysa. This garment knitted from Icelandic wool with the characteristic, multi-colored yoke on the neck protects against wind and cold and belongs to the Icelandic way of life like the northern lights and the cold winter. So that you can enjoy this lifestyle in this country too, you can get a large selection of original Icelandic sweaters, hats, blankets and other knitwear made from first-class Icelandic wool in the ISLANDFREUND online shop. You will also find accessories for your home, warm blankets for your Icelander in your stable and exclusive products made of fish leather.


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